Further training for your human resources managers

Training and further education

Nowadays, companies always need highly qualified employees as HR managers who are sensitised to the complex legal risks in labour and social law. Within the framework of our training courses and further education, our experienced lawyers provide such sensitisation for your personnel managers and also convey practical possibilities for action above all.

Our preventive advisory concept helps you to avoid hopeless legal disputes. This saves you time and money, which you can use for more important things in your company.

Your advantage: Our further education and training offer is basically free of charge for our member companies.

Further education offer

As a member company, you have the opportunity to participate in our further education programme. This includes, for example

our company meetings that take place several times a year and our workshops and Information events on current occasions, e.g. in the event of important changes in legislation.
In addition, we also offer our member companies in-house training courses by arrangement: 

  • Short training courses on current topics (3 hours)
  • Workshops (1/2 day)

To support your further training planning, as a member you can also obtain a differentiated training programme from our partner, the Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e. V. (BWHW). (BWHW), a differentiated offer of coordinated seminars and seminar series, which are basically oriented towards the practical everyday life of our member companies.

As a member company, you receive numerous events free of charge. Non-members are always given the opportunity to participate in a seminar, training or workshop after prior consultation in order to get to know the UVF.

We invite the members of the Unter­nehmer­verband Frankfurt Rhein-Main e. V. to the company meetings that take place several times a year. In addition to providing information on new topics concerning labour and social law, the company meetings are a unique platform for our member companies to get in touch with each other and exchange experiences.

On the basis of current decisions or new laws, the participants discuss current developments in labour and social law, jointly develop solutions for the issues raised or pass on the experience gained in their companies to the group of participants.

Speakers are the lawyers of the employers' association as internal lecturers or a presiding judge from the labour or social courts or a university lecturer as external lecturer.

Information on our current events can be found under the heading "Dates".

Our workshops represent a new service and are also an inclusive service for members. The workshops are aimed in particular at HR managers from our member companies. With a particularly high level of practical relevance, selected HR topics are dealt with in depth and in practice, in addition to the basics.

The topic is worked on intensively in groups of about 15 participants with two of our lawyers and discussed in a practical way with the help of many case studies and questions from the participants.

The duration of each workshop is approximately 3 hours.

Works council elections in practice

The 2018 works council election will be discussed with the participants using practical examples. Typical focal points will be highlighted. The presentation of legal requirements for the preparation of elections and current case law will round off the topic.

The aim is to refresh and deepen existing knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences on practical procedures in difficult situations.

Seminar content


  • Who may vote?
  • Who can be elected?
  • How big will the works council be?

Preparation of the works council election

  • The electoral list
  • The proposal list
  • The electoral committee
  • The gender quota

Conduct of the works council election

  • The election procedure
  • Counting of votes
  • The election result

Shortcomings of the works council election

  • Contestation
  • Nullity

You can find information about our current events under Dates.

Im Bildungshaus in Bad Nauheim bietet unser Partner ein umfangreiches Weiter­bildungs­angebot für Sie an.

Sie erhalten Unters­tützung bei der Personal- und Organisations­entwicklung und ein umfangreiches Seminar­angebot für Fach- und Führungs­kräfte.

Im Bildungshaus in Bad Nauheim stehen moderne Tagungsräume und 64 Einzelzimmer zur Verfügung.

Zur Unters­tützung Ihrer Weiter­bildungs­planung erhalten Sie als Mitglied über das Bildungswerk ein differenziertes Angebot an aufeinander abgestimmten Seminaren und Seminar­reihen, die sich grundsätzlich am praktischen Alltag unserer Mitglieds­­unternehmen orientieren.

Qualität von Profis, Bildungshaus Bad Nauheim zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Das aktuelle Angebot inkl. Möglichkeit, die Jahres­programme herunter­zuladen, finden Sie hier.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

Das Bildungshaus in Bad Nauheim bietet Erfahrung, Kompetenz und Professionalität seit über 40 Jahren.

Ein weit­reichendes Angebot für alle erforder­lichen Schulungs­themen der Betriebs­rats­arbeit.

Sehr gute Referenten mit viel Erfahrung und auch eine gelungene Betreuung rundum.

Das Angebot findet in Bad Nauheim statt. Dies erleichtert ggf. auch Eltern mit kleinen Kindern eine Teilnahme.

Geselliger Rahmen
Das Bildungshaus ist bekannt für seine sehr gute Küche. Auch die Entspannung nach Seminarende und der Austausch untereinander gelingt hierbei.

Verständliche Seminar­unterlagen zum Nachlesen.

Every employer knows: works councils are entitled to the training they need.

Through our professional partners, we offer you a range of

  • certified,
  • high quality,
  • informative,
  • affordable
  • training courses in the vicinity.

You can find our current seminar offer hier.

Experts who know and can communicate their areas of expertise speak at seminars at the Bildungshaus. Small seminar groups guarantee optimal support. Pleasant and modern conditions create a good working atmosphere and further training successes.

Your telephone number for questions, suggestions and advice: 06032 948-750