Designing competitive working conditions

Work organisation

The work organisation/work science department of our partner, GUB Gesellschaft für Unternehmens-Beratung mbH, helps member companies to design competitive working conditions. For this purpose, association engineers analyse the operational framework conditions, the underlying collective bargaining regulations and agreements, point out ways for tailor-made solutions and support the implementation of the solution found in operational practice - always oriented towards the best possible benefit for our member companies. The association engineers of our partner have many years of industry-specific experience from their consulting activities in many member companies, including the implementation of collective bargaining requirements.

The consulting activities of our partner's association engineers completely cover the area of the implementation of labour relations in the company; our consultants are particularly frequently called upon for projects and questions from the following subject areas:

Short delivery times or customer-specific product quantities - adapted working time models are needed by every organisation. The association engineers are experts in the planning and elaboration of flexible shift systems as well as in the design of company- or employee-controlled time models with time accounts - and thus achieve to your advantage, for example, a

  • Decoupling of working time and operating time as well as remuneration
  • flexible adjustment to fluctuations in orders
  • age-appropriate organisation of shift work

Protecting employees from work-related hazards is a task that must also be understood as an opportunity for optimising processes within the company. In addition to ergonomic workplace design, this also includes the current topic of "mental stress". Questions of co-determination, the operational implementation strategy as well as experiences of other companies are of particular interest to our member companies in this current and in many areas still new topic. We support with

  • Company inspections to identify and assess risk factors
  • the design of company agreements on hardship allowances
  • implementation strategies for risk assessment (in particular mental hazards according to § 5 Arb.Sch.G)

In coordination with the other bargaining agent associations, the association engineers conduct a pay benchmark in cooperation with the Economics and Statistics Department. This data basis helps, among other things, in the implementation of company agreements, internal negotiations or the accompaniment of negotiations with trade unions. In addition, there is the possibility for

  • Individual evaluations for participating companies
  • the acquisition of a sound basis for personnel management decisions